My grey otter fursona, just floating there, wearing a dark grey Boards of Canada t-shirt, red-black striped arm warmers and grey shorts.

Hello there netcitizen, my name is Thomas Fitzgerald (he/it). Firstly, I would like to apologize if you expected multiple small gay hairy men; there is only one here and that is me, who happens to own the domain "" I don't remember if I did this on purpose or registered it solely because my fursona is an otter while blissfully unaware of this slang and the usage of the ".men" TLD... but oh well. That being said, welcome to my website! Here you'll find things I do. Plenty of things, I suppose; mostly on that nifty sidebar to your left.

This website is kind of a work-in-progress. I hope you don't mind the dust and horrible attempts at dry humor that stemmed from sleep deprevity. There will be more things to do and other content soon, I promise.

A pink banner with 'Don't let the idiots ruin your day' written on it.

A bit about me

A picture of me. There is a square focus outline over my face.

That very handsome man to your right is me, a Brazilian-born artist, currently based in New England. I make digital noises among other things. I am an "onlinesick" electronic music nut and I like fictional funny animals. My hobbies and general interests include making music, browsing Discogs, collecting physical records, art and animation, programming, graphic and motion design, and I really wanna get into eletronic engineering and radio broadcasting. I have yet to fully understand how to avoid writing run-on sentences.

When I'm not depicted as the "human vessel" I am in the "R.L.," I am a grey North-American river otter/giant anteater hybrid called Antonio Magnolia. He's like me but cooler, because he's my fursona. I partake in so-called "furry" things usually. It's fun.

Where you can find me

Drizzile from Pokémon, annoyed.

Uh... hello, I am right here...

I don't really have social media. I don't like social media; it'll turn me even more insane than I already am in due time. I lied. If you really wanna hit me up, shoot me an email, or ask me a question publicly, or whatever. I will probably respond.

An otter emoji wearing a flower crown.

Thomas F. is listening to THE GHOST~POP TAPE by Devon Hendryx with Marx from Kirby!

All things here licensed under Creative Commons BY 4.0, unless stated otherwise. Page overwritten with an old TASCAM tape recorder in 0.0023179054260254 seconds

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