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Hey there. Say, esteemed webcitizen, I see you are currently glazing your eyes upon my personal site. My name is Thomas (you may call me 'tom'), and I make computer noises among other miscellaneous computer things. I'm utterly fascinated by the avant-garde and esoteric, the obscure and eccentric... and funny animals. I want to get into radio broadcasting and electronic engineering. I'm also an avid internet archivist and TV enthusiast.

Right, music. I run on the mere existence of music and sound design. I mostly enjoy music of the broad electronic genre, mostly ambient and IDM, and hypnagogic pop, but I find it hard to find myself disliking a genre in particular. Despite my preference for "low art" rather than of "high art," I do greatly enjoy classical music too, especially the piano compositions of Erik Satie.

So, this site. There isn't much content, but there's plenty I have in store. Links to stuff. Stuff I made. Stuff I like. Stuff I am hosting. A bunch of stuff. The world is your oyster, have fun.

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Thomas F. is listening to THE GHOST~POP TAPE by Devon Hendryx with Marx from Kirby!